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Jacky Woods

Playing the viola can be a wonderful experience which is often not discovered early enough in musical education. Recently there has been a huge interest worldwide in developing the viola for younger children, resulting in a good choice of small instruments and lots of new repertoire for solo and ensemble violas. Having worked with many different viola groups, I was keen that they should all have the chance to meet up and experience masterclasses, recitals and tuition specific to the viola.


Luckily my enthusiasm has been welcomed by a team of wonderful players and teachers who are keen to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with your talented youngsters. I hope this will be a new and interesting experience for them.

Jacky worked primarily with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Philharmonia, English Chamber Orchestra and Glyndebourne Touring Orchestra, combining these with teaching and various chamber ensembles. 


Her love for teaching has gradually taken over, and she now combines teaching at junior and primary academy with a private teaching practice. Jacky has taught on many courses including National Children’s Orchestra, Summer strings, National Symphony Orchestra, Stringwise and Da capo. 


She also has regular art exhibitions of her silk paintings, mixed media works and ceramics.

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