Senior Arpeggione

There were many reasons for wanting a senior course including the most important issue of Arpeggione dates clashing with GCSE's, AS and A levels. Autumn half term seemed a good time for the older ones who will have just started all their new courses and could do with a musical interlude. Also it was the natural progression for those who have grown through Arpeggione to have something to move onto with all their friends.


The aim of the senior course will be similar to the intermediate course with the inclusion of technique classes, concerts, chamber music and masterclasses, but on the senior course we will focus on preparing for music college auditions for those who need it, and hopefully a chance to meet some teachers from the different music colleges. These teachers will be tutoring on the courses anyway and it will give people an opportunity to ask questions about the different colleges and chat informally. If there are many children auditioning for colleges there may be more masterclasses but this will be adjusted according to people's requirements. Also those not wishing to play in the classes are of course welcome to listen. There will still be lots of opportunities for ensemble playing and of course a concert at the end.


This course will be adapted to suit everyones needs, from those wanting to be soloists, those wanting to play chamber music in a beautiful place or those violinists who would like to experience the viola for the first time.


Violinists should be encouraged to realise the enormous benefits of playing the viola and therefore we will be lending violas to those who wish to try our taster course (minimum standard Grade 8). This will include an easy approach to reading the alto clef and an introduction to the different playing techniques of the viola, and of course plenty of chamber music. Places for the taster course are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.

8th-12th August 2021

The course will start at 5pm with registration. Dinner at 6pm. 


The first session will be from 7pm to 8.30 pm.

This year, there will not be a concert on the last day, instead we will record the concert in the barn on Thursday morning. This may change.

London Concert - Friday 13th August 2021
Course Fees £525

Viola players aged 14 -19 years and violinists wishing to try the viola (Grade 8 and above).


Course fees £525.

To secure a place, please send the application form plus £100 deposit by 1st May 2021

Fill out the form here

There will be a 2:30pm rehearsal for a 7pm concert

The venue is:

The Free Church

North Square

London, NW11 7AA

Teachers for 2021 course

Jonathan Barritt, Micky Posner, Stephen Tees, Jacky Woods


Visiting teachers: TBC...

Accompanist: TBC...

Competition music for 2021

Weber - Andante e Rondo Ungarese

Click here to download